The 24/7
Personal Trainer

Fitsor tracks your workouts and keeps you motivated,
allowing you to focus on getting results in the gym.

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Track your workouts

Each exercise is tracked and uploaded to your account. Never keep a log of your workouts again.

Train without a trainer

We'll know whether you're sticking to your plan or not. We'll hold you accountable, push you to grow, and let you rest at the right times.

Set it and forget it

The best technology is invisible. That's why we love that after the 5 minute setup you'll never have to lift another finger... well, besides working out.

See the present, and the future

View the progress you've made but also see how you're expected to improve over the coming weeks.

Motivation from friends and family

Assemble a support team to keep you motivated. If you do fall behind, you're team will know and fire you up to continue on your path to success.

A quantified road to success

We know what exercises and reps you'll need to achieve results. Pick a goal and you'll get a countdown of reps within a window of time to complete.